Your personal information remains protected in this website as we follow the below privacy policy. The collection, use and disclosure of personal information will be governed by the privacy policy. The website assures you that the personal information will be maintained accurately and in complete confidentiality.


The website will maintain complete privacy and security for all the personal information that is shared on this website. The website will nominate an individual or group of individuals who ensure that we comply with the privacy policy.

Identifying Purposes

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information is done to provide the products and services of this website. The products and services may be offered during promotional activities or when it has been ordered by the users.

The purpose of information collection will be provided either before or during the process of information. In some cases, the purpose for collecting the personal information may be obvious and your consent may be implied. For example, we can complete the order process only when you provide your name, your e-mail address and your payment information.


Without your consent, we will not collect, use and disclose your personal information on this website, unless it is allowed by the law.

We do not require your consent for collecting, using and disclosing the personal information when it is necessary while providing the products and services of the website.

The website provides you the choice to share the personal information on this website. However, if you do not wish to provide the personal information, then you cannot use all the products and services that are available on this website.

Limiting Collection

The website will access only those personal details that are required on the basis of the purpose of information collection.

The website will access your personal information only with your consent and by communicating with you over the telephone, on the internet, through e-mail or in person.

Safeguarding Customer Information

Personal information will be protected using the security safeguards that are in accordance with the sensitivity level of the information. You can make purchases on this website with complete assurance as the website protects your financial details during payment process by using the SSL certificate.

We include required security measures to ensure that your personal information is not lost or used, accessed and disclosed by any unauthorized parties.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are installed in the website as per standard practice. Through the cookies, the website accesses statistical information such as your IP address, the browser you use and the pages and preferences you have. The cookies do not access any personal details. You reserve the right to disable or install the cookies at any time.

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